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Home Decorating1 Secrets to the home decor for single moms
Being a single parent is tough. Managing the home, getting ahead in your career, caring for your child and doing it all by yourself is about as hard as it gets. And then there are the household chores. Single mothers never have it easy. So much to do, so little time and you also have to keep everything spic and span. How do you do it all? From preparing the kids’ meals to ensuring that their homework is done, and most of all that you are also the sole breadwinner of the family and you can’t miss a day’s work. It may seem like home decor would and should be the last thing on your mind! Or should it? What if there were an easier way to do it all, and make your home a unique testament to your spirit and creativity.

A single mom’s home decor guide:
There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you start decorating your home. First and foremost, take on projects that you can manage, given your busy life. Use weekends to do quick D-I-Y projects. If you have a major remodel in mind, remember to always use a certified contractor, set your contractor a tight schedule and make sure he delivers. Most importantly, involve your kids, especially if they are a little older, to help out in the design projects you have in mind. Now that we have the basics sorted, let’s venture into the nitty-gritty of how to design a space that is uniquely you.
1) The Living Room:
Typically the living room is a space that is multi-purpose. You have most of your home electronics in this room and sometimes after a hard day’s work, you and your children normally congregate and lounge around in this room. Sometimes you may even have guests over and on the rare occasion, maybe a few relatives intent on sleeping over. Given the sheer diversity of this room, it should be decorated to suit all these purposes and then some. Here’s what you should keep in mind:
● Multi utility furniture: Like a sofa-cum-bed, for all those times when your guests show no signs of leaving. If you have the budget for it, a niche with a Murphy bed that folds into the wall would be a great idea. This way you’d be saving space without compromising on comfort.
● Easy to clean surfaces: Let’s face it, throwing a great get together is all well and good, but the mess that it leaves behind will have to cleaned up by you. Easy to clean surfaces, like marble countertops, that don’t stain and can be cleaned with a simple household remedy like warm water and soap should be considered. Avoid using too many reflective surfaces as they are dust and fingerprint magnets.
● Wallpaper over paint: When decorating your living room ensure that you wallpaper your walls, rather than paint them. It works out a lot less cheaper and it also saves you time. Not to mention that wallpaper can be upgraded with minimal fuss and can also be used a lot more creatively than paint.

2) The Kids’ Bedroom:
Your kids bedroom needs to be both creative and functional. Remember, your kids will experience tremendous growth spurts and their rooms will need to be able to cope up with their evolving interests. Then there is the question of storage space for your kids. Instead of conventional dressers or cupboards, maybe using dismantlable and easy to stack plastic boxes is the solution. You could always use softboards on their walls to enable them to change their own decor with collages, posters and other things that catch their fancy.
3) The Kitchen:
Your kitchen is really the heart of your home. Make sure that you have ample of space for both storage and cooking. Having an island in your kitchen really opens it up. If that isn’t possible, niches in the wall with space for your spices, condiments and other accoutrements. A large window or an electric chimney, makes a lot of sense, because they keep you sweat free and focused on cooking.
4) Your Own Room:
Take a little time to plan your own room well. You deserve it after all. Even if you have to design it over a period of time, it would be worth it. Take into consideration what your likes and dislikes are and decorate your room accordingly. Whenever you have the time shop online for a few knick knacks and decor items that may suit your tastes. Don’t hold back when it comes to expressing yourself. Your room after all is your chateau!
Christie Baker is an interior designer, who is a passionate advocate of eco-friendly design. She advises clients on how to make stunning changes to their spaces with minimal cost and a significant reduction in their carbon footprint.

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